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Postgraduate School of Administration is a registered Institution in Ghana that provides accredited Competency-based studies  for students around the world for successful careers. Our inspiring comprehensive portfolio of more than 350  development courses and seminars cover a wide range of professions from Accounting and Finance, Auditing, Risk and Compliance, Contracts Management, HR and Administration, Investment and Banking, Leadership and Management, Maintenance Engineering and Operations, Procurement and Negotiation, Project and Planning, Quality Management, Sales, Marketing and Communications, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, as well as a comprehensive suite of Technical Skills courses in Engineering, Power and Energy, Oil and Gas and many others. Postgraduate School of Administration offers lectures online but practicals are done at GIMPA Campus, Accra-Ghana. Competency School of Business Administration sponsored by Mr. Isaac Ofori has been given the sole mandate to run International Master in Business Administration and Executive Doctorate in Business Administration programs. Competency School of Business Administration is located at Kumasi where lectures are held at KNUST campus. Our number one priority is to provide affordable and high-quality Competency-Based Courses which provide our students with knowledge, understanding and ability which will enable them gain good employment and achieve career success. Our school is an  accredited service provider and Examination Center for Global Academy of Finance and Management ® (GAFM) from USA who awards our learners Global Certifications ™ in varying areas of specialization. Click on link to view Postgraduate School of Administration as partner on GAFM website.

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Competency-Based Program

Admission is ongoing for  the Global Executive Masters in Business Administration, International Masters in Business Administration, Executive Masters in Business Administration and Executive Doctorate in Business Administration Certification ™ programs.  They are uniquely designed to enhance  thinking ability and demonstration of practical issues of concern. The Masters program is a one year duration course of study. The Doctorate program runs for two years period. Our qualifications are dual where students can have double certificate. Note it is optional. We run other professional programs in categories of Certified, Chartered, Fellow and Doctorate Fellow in diverse areas. We have fast-track executive mentorship for officials in government and in private sectors.

Certificate ® in High Demand

  • CHRM Chartered Human Resource Manager ®  
  • CPRA Certified Project Risk Analyst ®
  • CPC Certified Project Consultant ®
  • ChRMS Chartered Risk Management Specialist ®
  • CPM Chartered Portfolio Manager ®
  • Ch.PA Chartered Public Administrator ®
  • MCPM Master Construction Project Manager ®
  • ChFA Chartered Financial Accountant® 
  • COG PM  Certified Oil and Gas Project Manager ®
  • CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ®
  • CMA Certified Marketing Analyst ®
  • CRA Certified Risk Analyst ®
  • CIPM® Certified International Project Manager ®
  • CITA Chartered International Tax Analyst ®

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 Our lecturers are the world’s leading professors, researchers and medical practitioners in their fields. We choose them carefully based on academic reputation and teaching skills. Postgraduate School of Administration offers a range of competency-based courses starting from  Doctorate Fellow Programs, Fellow Programs, Executive Doctorate Programs, International MBA Programs, GEMBA Programs, EMBA Programs, Chartered Programs, Certified Programs, International Postgraduate Diploma Programs and Certificate Programs from USA. Our network of experienced professional trainers, providing extensive knowledge and experience of private industry, business and government enterprises, allows us to develop industry-leading training courses and seminars. All of our staff provide the highest professional service, providing you with exceptional customer service from the first point of contact and beyond.

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