The logistics and supply chain management department is a necessity for all businesses big and small. This division involves planning, monitoring, implementation and regulation of all activities involved in the good and services supply chain[i]. With more technological advancements in recent years, the supply chain management industry needs highly-competent working professionals who can enact efficient strategies.

Did you know the demand to supply ratio for supply chain management experts is 6:1?[ii] A masters’ degree can help you fill this gap in the workforce and also earn specified knowledge in your field. Continue reading to learn about 3 more reasons why a Masters’ in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a great choice for working professionals:

1. Scope of Logistics and Supply Chain Management:

Logistics and Supply Chain Management has a role not only in manufacturing companies but in all businesses that deliver services to the customers. Sourcing required products, shifting them to the facilities, sending out final merchandise to the suppliers and maintaining inventory are all parts of the logistics and supply chain management process.

For a candidate holding a Masters’ in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, there are jobs available in multiple departments for instance Inventory Management[iii], Supplier Relations[iv] and Demand Forecasting[v] etc. Hence this masters’ degree opens up many job opportunities because of the vast scope of the field[vi].

2. High employability rate of Postgraduates:

On average, postgraduates with management degrees have an employment rate of 78.9% due to their advanced qualifications as compared to 65.6% of candidates with a bachelor’s’ degree from the UK[vii]. Logistics and Supply chain management is growing more complex as consumer trends are changing and services such as same-day-delivery are becoming more common. Therefore, experienced professionals who have a Masters’ in Logistics and Supply Chain Management are in demand[viii].

3. High paying jobs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management:

Jobs in supply chain management offer handsome salary packages as employers recognize the value of insights that a postgraduate can bring to the table. Professionals with 1-4y of experience in supply chain management earn an average of $490,000 annually in India[ix]. And up to $1,000,000 or more with 10+ years[x]of experience and advanced qualifications!

Businesses always look for strategies that reduce cost without compromising on quality. As a postgraduate, you can offer your expertise to help a business advance their operations to the next level.

In Conclusion:

Any organization working towards growing its business requires proficient Logistics and Supply Chain Management experts. A professional in this field handles the logistics and develops plans to create productive management systems. A Masters’ in Logistics and Supply Chain Management will help you gain mastery over the field. This enables you to progress quickly to higher-ranking positions within the company you work for.

Attaining higher education has never been more convenient than it is today. You can earn an online masters’ degree while working your full-time job.  And complete your post-graduation in less than a year. So avail this opportunity to advance your career and enrol in a masters’ program now!