Postgraduate School of Administration is set to inspire and develop the next generation of strategic leaders. As the world continues to change, our alliance with Global Academy of Finance and Management Chartered Programs prepares you to change with it. We offer a range of Chartered programmes, all of which enhance your career potential by giving you a clear focus on the role of this highly sought-after strategic leader in today’s ever more volatile and uncertain world. Learn from world-class faculty who bring practical and research-led coursework into the classroom and will help you understand organisations holistically, think strategically, and manage effectively.

An integrated professional development programme will hone your soft skills for more effective communication, influence, and leadership. For those on our on-campus programmes, our cohort size allows for a certain level of customisation and the ability to build strong connections with cohort members.

We offer the following Chartered Certification variants from GAFM.

Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Consultant (CAMC)
Chartered Artificial Intelligence Pro. (ChAIP)
Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)
Chartered Asset Projection Analyst (CAPA)
Chartered Bankruptcy Analyst (CBA)
Chartered Business Analyst (ChBA)
Chartered Certified Cost Accountant (CCCA)
Chartered Certified Public Finance Mgt Acct(CCFMA)
Chartered Certified International Banker (CCIB)
Chartered Compliance Analyst for Officers(CCO/CCA)
Chartered Compliance Anlayst (CCA)
Chartered Credit Analyst (CCA)
Chartered Economist-Economic Policy Analyst (CEPA)
Chartered Economist (ChE)
Chartered Financial Investigator (ChFI)
Chartered Financial Manager (ChFM)
Chartered Financial Marketer (CFM)
Chartered Fraud Investigator (ChFI)
Chartered Fund and Asset Manager (CFAM)
Chartered Human Resources Analyst (CHRA)
Chartered Human Resources Business Partner (CHRBP)
Chartered International Professional Trainer(CIPT)
Chartered International Tax Analyst (CITA)
Chartered Market Analyst (CMA)
Chartered Marketing Analyst (CMA)
Chartered Mortgage Analyst (CMA)
Chartered Org Development Practitioner (CODP)
Chartered Pension Analyst Manager (CPAM)
Chartered Personal Executive Assistant (CPEA)
Chartered Political Analyst (ChPA)
Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM)
Chartered Project Engineer (ChPE)
Chartered Project Manager (ChPM)
Chartered Psychological Consultant (CPC)
Chartered Risk Analyst (CRA)
Chartered Risk Analyst (CRA) AAFM Board Cert.
Chartered Risk Analyst/Certified Risk Analyst(CRA)
Chartered Risk Management Officer (ChRMO)
Chartered Talent Practitioner (CHTP)
Chartered Trust and Estate Planner (CTEP)
Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM)


Holders of any of the following qualifications are eligible to apply.

Recognized Degrees, HND, Diplomas, DBS, ICA (GH), ACCA and other professional Qualifications.

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** Accreditations and ISO Certifications  – Our GAFM ® Certification Board is a USA CHEA Quality Standards Charter Signatory Member.  GAFM International Board of Standards is ESQ European Accredited and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 21001 Certified for Educational Standards.  Approved Sanctioned by the Arab Academy for over 20 Arab Nations. In academic alliance with the ACBSP National Business Accreditation Agency for Certification Standards worldwide.