Postgraduate School of Administration is set to inspire and develop the next generation of strategic leaders. As the world continues to change, our alliance with Global Academy of Finance and Management Chartered Programs prepares you to change with it. We offer a range of Chartered programmes, all of which enhance your career potential by giving you a clear focus on the role of this highly sought-after strategic leader in today’s ever more volatile and uncertain world. Learn from world-class faculty who bring practical and research-led coursework into the classroom and will help you understand organisations holistically, think strategically, and manage effectively.

An integrated professional development programme will hone your soft skills for more effective communication, influence, and leadership. For those on our on-campus programmes, our cohort size allows for a certain level of customisation and the ability to build strong connections with cohort members.

We offer the following Chartered Certification variants from GAFM.

Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA)

Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Consultant (CAMC)
Chartered Artificial Intelligence Pro. (ChAIP)
Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)
Chartered Asset Projection Analyst (CAPA)
Chartered Bankruptcy Analyst (CBA)
Chartered Business Analyst (ChBA)
Chartered Certified Cost Accountant (CCCA)
Chartered Certified Public Finance Mgt Acct(CCFMA)
Chartered Certified International Banker (CCIB)
Chartered Compliance Analyst for Officers(CCO/CCA)
Chartered Compliance Analyst (CCA)
Chartered Credit Analyst (CCA)
Chartered Economist-Economic Policy Analyst (CEPA)
Chartered Economist (ChE)
Chartered Financial Investigator (ChFI)
Chartered Financial Manager (ChFM)
Chartered Financial Marketer (CFM)
Chartered Fraud Investigator (ChFI)
Chartered Fund and Asset Manager (CFAM)
Chartered Human Resources Analyst (CHRA)
Chartered Human Resources Business Partner (CHRBP)
Chartered International Professional Trainer(CIPT)
Chartered International Tax Analyst (CITA)
Chartered Market Analyst (CMA)
Chartered Marketing Analyst (CMA)
Chartered Mortgage Analyst (CMA)
Chartered Org Development Practitioner (CODP)
Chartered Pension Analyst Manager (CPAM)
Chartered Personal Executive Assistant (CPEA)
Chartered Political Analyst (ChPA)
Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM)
Chartered Project Engineer (ChPE)
Chartered Project Manager (ChPM)
Chartered Psychological Consultant (CPC)
Chartered Risk Analyst (CRA)
Chartered Risk Analyst (CRA) AAFM Board Cert.
Chartered Risk Analyst/Certified Risk Analyst(CRA)
Chartered Risk Management Officer (ChRMO)
Chartered Talent Practitioner (CHTP)
Chartered Trust and Estate Planner (CTEP)
Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM)


Before starting your application, kindly ensure that you have the following documents to submit:

  • A copy of traveling passport / national ID
  • Digital copy of passport size picture in JPEG/PNG format (white background)
  • Certified copies of school certificate(s)
  • Updated CV/Resume 

Applicable fees

All PSA applicable fees are quoted in GH₵‎ /USD and paid using MOMO / BANK DEPOSIT / VISA / MasterCard. The program fee includes a one-off non-refundable registration fee, re-registration fee, non-refundable biannual subscription fee as well as exams and exemptions fees. The fees are indicated below.

 Initial Registration                                    Biannual Subscription                                          Re-registration Fee

 GH₵‎ 300                                                          US$110                                                                      GH₵‎ 650

Examination fee:

Level I                                       Level II                                          Level III                                      Professional Specialization

GH₵‎270/ paper                                 GH₵‎480/ paper                              GH₵‎505/ paper                                                     GH₵‎670/ paper

Exemption fee:

Level I                                                    Level II                                                     Level III

 GH₵‎500/ paper                                                  GH₵‎600/ paper                                                      GH₵‎ 650/ paper

Final Certification

 US$500 (International Certification)

NB: Cost for the entire program including Dual Certification is GH₵‎ 15,700

Training fees 🙁 Face-to-face)-Regular

Level I                                                   Level II                                                     Level III

GH₵‎ 1,600                                          GH₵‎ 1,950                                              GH₵‎ 2,330

Time & Days

Monday –Friday: 4:30pm-7:00pm

Training fees 🙁 Face-to-face)-Weekend 

Level I                                                  Level II                                                   Level III

GH₵‎ 1,200                                         GH₵‎ 1,450                                             GH₵‎ 2,100

Time & Days

Saturday – Sunday: 9:30pm-4:30pm

Other fees:

  • Transcript application: GH₵‎70
  • Request to view exams script: GH₵‎400
  • Request for remarking: GH₵‎460


Easy accessibility is at the core of how members access PSA/GAFM/AAPM exams across the globe. PSA/GAFM/AAPM aims at presenting learners with seamless flexibility and convenience in writing exams anywhere in the world.

Taking PSA/GAFM/AAPM exams is flexible, convenient, and provides instant results. Exams for all levels, including the Specialization level are offered in the first week of every 6 month — June and December. 

Examination structure

Level I Exam Structure

The Level I exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions which are all compulsory.

The duration of the Level I exam is two hours 

Level II Exam Structure

The Level II exam consists of 100 multiple choice and section B questions which are all compulsory.

The duration of the Level II exam is two and a half hours 

Level III Exam Structure

The Level III exam consists of 140 multiple choice and section B questions which are all compulsory.

The duration of the Level III exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Specialization Level Exam Structure

The Professional Specialization Level exam consists of 140 multiple choice questions which are all compulsory.

The duration of the Level III exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Mode of examination

  •  PSA/GAFM/AAPM exams are offered online via the Institute’s Computer-Based Testing (CBT) platform / written paper every 6 month in a year.
  • Exams for all levels are offered in the first week of every 6 month— June and December.
  • Exams must be registered and passed sequentially. That’s a candidate can move to the next level only after passing the preceding level.
  • PSA/GAFM/AAPM exams are available and written in English only

Exemptions Policy

The PSA/GAFM/AAPM offers candidates an exemptions gateway. Based on a candidate’s previous qualification(s), the Institute reviews and awards exemptions in accordance with the standards of the Exemptions Policy. Kindly read more about our exemptions policy online.

Pass mark

The PSA/GAFM/AAPM exams are marked over 100 points per paper and the pass mark for each paper is set at 50%.

Exams Results

PSA/GAFM/AAPM exam results are released instantly after taking exams. Candidates receive an instant provisional result when they take PSA/GAFM/AAPM exams.

English Language Requirement

PSA/GAFM/AAPM exams are written only in English and hence require a good standard of English, as well as knowledge of the technical terms associated with the subject matter.

Examination Timetable

Exams for all levels are offered in the first week of every 6 month — June and December.


PSA/GAFM/AAPM designation

The PSA/GAFM/AAPM Charter Program includes a series of exams covering three (3) levels as well as Professional Specialization Level.

Learners are required to complete the required number of papers as structured, meet all membership and financial obligations before being awarded the PSA/GAFM/AAPM designation.

Strategic level (sample)

Level I

This is the beginner level to your PSA/GAFM/AAPM qualification journey. Learners are taking through the foundation of economics and basic statistics.

E1 – Investment I
E2 – Microeconomics I
E3 – Macroeconomics I
E4 – Financial Institutions & Markets

Level II

This is the intermediate level. The exam structure builds on the foundation knowledge learners received in the preceding level.

E5 – Investment II
E6 – Microeconomics II
E7 – Macroeconomics II
E8 – Econometrics I
E9 – Corporate Finance

Level III

This is the advanced stage. The curriculum structure builds on the foundation and intermediate knowledge learners received in the preceding levels.

E10 – Econometrics II
E11 – Economics & Business Ethics
E12 – International Trade
E13 – International Finance

Professional specialization

This is the final level for specialization. Learners are offered the option to select their preferred professional specialization gateways. Each specialization consists of 2 exams streams structured in Part I and Part II

Access to unlimited reading materials

You don’t have to worry about reading materials! We’ve got you covered throughout your PSA/GAFM/AAPM journey.

The PSA/GAFM/AAPM provides all learners unlimited access to multiple reading resources at no additional cost.

All PSA/GAFM/AAPM learners in good standing are automatically subscribed to get unlimited access to materials covering all the PSA/GAFM/AAPM curriculum.

Accelerate your career growth with the PSA/GAFM/AAPM

Charter designation

Membership Eligibility

The PSA/GAFM/AAPM Charter program is structured to accommodate both old and new entrants in the economics profession.

  • An applicant must at least be admitted to a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. First year students are allowed to apply.
  • Holders of PhD, MPhil, MBA, MA, M.Sc., B. A, B.Sc., B.Com., B. ED, HND, Diploma SSCE/WASSCE are all eligible to enroll in the PSA/GAFM/AAPM Charter program.

Membership Type

Whether you’re established in your career or just getting started in the economics profession, the PSA/GAFM/AAPM Charter designation puts you on a high pedestal and sets you apart in the industry.


A registered member who’s yet to complete all exams of the PSA/GAFM/AAPM Curriculum.

Charter holder

A registered member who has completed all exams of the PSA/GAFM/AAPM Curriculum and has been awarded the PSA/GAFM/AAPM Charter designation.


The highest membership status with the Institute. Individuals who distinguish themselves are awarded Fellowship.

As a fellow, you are recognized as an expert in your profession and more importantly a key player in the development of HR. You are held in high esteem as one who is continually advancing personnel management strategy as an important force, and making evident its value at the work place.

Being a fellow with ChHR affords you a reputation among HR practitioners, and also provides a platform where you influence change, contribute to policy development as well as an opportunity to broaden your engagement in the HR space.


A person may be qualified to be enrolled as a Fellow of the Institute if that person

  1. Has acquired at least ten (10) years practical experience in human resource management practice and development;
  2. Has submitted a publication to the Council in accordance with the qualifying criteria determined by the Council;
  3. Has made significant contribution towards the improvement of the status of the Institute and human resource management;
  4. is in good standing;
  5. Satisfies any other criteria determined by the Council.

Start your PSA/GAFM/AAPM journey now.

If you are already qualified for Certification based on your PhD, Doctorate or Masters Education or CPA, please send your resume and register today to join the ranks of the elite. 

** Accreditation – Our AAPM ® Certification Board is European ESQ Accredited and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 21001 Certified for Educational Standards.   In academic alliance with the ACBSP National Business Accreditation Agency for Certification Standards worldwide.  The CHEA and the GAFM ® Board of Standards is in articulation agreement for Quality Standards. Approved Sanctioned by the Arab Academy for over 20 Arab Nations.