Old FeesNew Fees
1 Students RegistrationGHS 200
2 Examinations:  
(a) Professionals GHS 140GHS 180
(b) Final Levels 1 and 2 GHS 180GHS 180
(c) Exemption fee GHS 140GHS 180
(d) Transcript/Attestation/Reference check  GHS 150
(e) Remarking Fee GHS 650GHS 2500
3. Members:   
(a) Membership application fee GHS 100GHS 250
(b) Membership orientation & induction fee GHS 800GHS 1500
4. Subscriptions (Individuals)   
(i) Fellows up to 59years  GHS 650
(ii) Practicing Members GHS 400GHS 450
(iii) Fellows 60-65 years in Practice  GHS 650
(iv) Hon. Fellows GHS 250GHS 450
(v) Associate members  GHS 200
(vi) Retirees; (Not in Practice)   
–Fellows aged 60 to 65 years  GHS 250
–Members aged 60 to 65 years GHS 40GHS 90
–Fellows & Members 66 to 70 years GHS 40GHS 90
–Fellows & members 71years and above GHS 40N/A


  1. Obtain certification the professional designation letters to use after your name.
  2. Earn Membership in a Global Society.
  3. Have VIP access to career and continuing education resourses
  4. Get Discounts on car, travel and office expenses.
  5. Have a Certification from a: TUV Accredited ISO 9001/29990 Certified Body.
  6. Have Certification from a Certification Program in accord with the CHEA IQ Standards.
  7. Recognition from the Arab Academy of the Arab League
  8. Recognition from the RSOF Royal Society of Fellows
  9. Select certifications may offer exemption for other credentials in some countries.
  10. Some of these certifications may count as partial credit toward an academic program.
  11. Membership to the only graduate professional body recognised by the ACBSP, CHEA, ICE and ISO.
  12. The ability to use the designation  on your business card and resume
  13. 2-years membership to the professional body Access to the management network and body of information online
  14. Preferred access to education centres in USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Latin America
  15. Access to the  international journal Advisory FYI published online
  16. Gold Embossed Certification with your name and designation as a Certified (Member of the Global Academy
  17. The Accreditation or Certification shows that you have completed graduate level education and you have qualified with substantial experience.
  18. Qualification listed in  the U. S. Department of Labor,  Employment and Training Administration