The fellowship program is global recognise aimed for managers and leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wishes to take the next step in their career. The achievement comes as a result of hard work, commitment to personal development and a dedication to excellence in the profession. This prestigious designation is earned by those with a demonstrated commitment to mastering their profession through sustained educational pursuits and a proven track record of service to both their community and their profession. A person who wants to apply for this category must be a member in good standing.

Finance & Banking Certification from GAFM

  1. Fellow Financial Analyst ®
  2. Fellow Financial Manager ®
  3. Fellow Management Accountant ®
  4. Fellow Management Consultant ®
  5. Fellow International Project Manager ®
  6. Fellow Financial Planner ®
  7. Fellow Risk Analyst ®
  8. Fellow Trust and Estate Planner ®
  9. Fellow Wealth Manager ®
  10. Fellow Business Analyst ™
  11. Fellow Project Manager ®
  12. Fellow Leadership Consultant ™
  13. Fellow Fraud Analyst ™
  14. Fellow Financial Manager ™
  15. Fellow Human Resources ™ 
  16. Fellow Compliance Professional ™
  17. Fellow Crypto Wealth Manager ™
  18. Fellow Fintech Professional ™

Project Management and Management Certifications from AAPM ®

  1. Fellow International Project Manager ®
  2. Fellow Project Manager ®
  3. Fellow Human Resources ®
  4. Fellow Management Consultant ® 
  5. Fellow Project Risk Manager ®
  6. Fellow Planning Engineer ®
  7. Fellow e-Commerce Consultant ®
  8. Fellow Marketing Analyst ™ 
  9. Fellow Human Resources Analyst
  10. Fellow Financial Professional ® 
  11. Fellow Human Resource Professional ™
  12. Fellow Financial Accountant ™
  13. Fellow Public Relations Analyst ™ 
  14. Fellow Learning and Development Analyst ™ 
  15. Fellow International Marketing Analyst ™ 
  16. Fellow International Leadership Professional ™
  17. Fellow Digital Transformation Specialist  ™
  18. Fellow IT Project Manager ™ 
  19. Fellow Public Administration ™
  20. Fellow Occupational Health and Safety Management ™
  21. Fellow Oil and Gas Management ™
  22. Fellow HR Enterprise Risk Professional / Analyst 
  23. Fellow Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  24. Fellow Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  25. Fellow Oil and Gas Management

Eligible candidates must successfully complete at least one of the following:

  1. An Approved Accredited Degree with specialization in the Relevant Area.  ACBSP and AACSB programs, courses, and exams are specifically approved under acceptance rules.
  2. A CPA, MBA, MS, PhD, or JD from an accredited school or organization
  3. Or, Five or more approved and specialized courses from an ACBSP or AACSB accredited business school or GAFM sanctioned Management program or
  4.  3 or More years in relevant experience in the field of specialization.
  5. Complete Continuing Education Each Year
  6. Abide By the Ethics Agreement – agree to the ethics requirements of the Society.
  7. *Certifications that have required (degree and exams) from other qualifying organizations may pre-qualify you for the designation.

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** Accreditations and ISO Certifications  – Our GAFM ® Certification Board is a USA CHEA Quality Standards Charter Signatory Member.  GAFM International Board of Standards is ESQ European Accredited and ISO 9001 Certified for Quality and ISO 21001 Certified for Educational Standards.  Approved Sanctioned by the Arab Academy for over 20 Arab Nations. In academic alliance with the ACBSP National Business Accreditation Agency for Certification Standards worldwide.