GAFM/AAPM/AAFM students are required to pay a biannual subscription fee (Certification is valid for 2 years) to retain their student status and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it.

ACCA OnDemand subscription - expensive course costs are no more

The 2024 subscription is due by 12 January 2024 for all students. Subscription will be invoiced on a student’s account when due and should be paid within 30 working days. Otherwise their account will be at risk of becoming suspended.
We’ve created a practical toolkit to help you support, communicate to, and ultimately retain your GAFM/AAFM/AAPM students with ready-to-use, shareable content for your own channels. 

As you continue your journey to membership, you’ll need to keep your subscription up to date.

All members and future members pay a biannual subscription. This allows us to keep delivering on our purpose; to be a force for public good, creating opportunities for all.

Member Database  – After your payment and registration, you can Create a User Profile on our website where you name can be verified globally on our certified member database.


If you are a certified member, you can add to your resume:

  • Board Certified in “Your Specific Area”
  • Fellow – GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management ®

Examples of Certification Use.

Dr. John Doe, PhD, AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®, Fellow – GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management ®, Board Certified

Professor Jack Black, AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®

Professor John Smith, AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®

Dr. Jim Temitope, PhD, AMA Accredited Management Consultant ®

Jack Swartz, CPA, MBA, MMC Master Management Consultant ®

Dir. Jack Lee, CPA, MBA, CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ® – MCWM Member of the Chartered Wealth Manager ® Institute

Oz Yousef, MBA, CIPM Certified International Project Manager  ®

Oz Yousef, MBA, MPM Master  Project Manager  ® – Graduate Project Management Certification

* Initial Certifications are good for 2 years and there is a nominal good standing fee after 2 years to remain a member.

All marks and certifications are USA copyrights and trademarks. MPM®, CIPM® and AAPM®. All Rights Reserved 1996-2022 ©

Benefits of Renewed Membership and Certification by AAPM ®

  • Hold an ESQ Accredited Program Credential.
  • Have an ISO 21001 Accredited Certification Program Qualification.
  • Gain recognition from our Global International Board of Standards
  • Use of AApM ®  Board Certified Designations after your name on your Business Card and on your Promotional Materials.
  • Earn and Use the designations online professionally that illuminate your graduate education, hard work, accredited education, and specializations.
  • Protect your job with an independent, recognized and global society and authority
  • Digital Competitiveness – You can add AAPM ®  to your Online Resume & Improve your image and salary potential
  • Handsome membership and Certification Documents suitable for framing shipped to you.
  • Use of our AAPM ®  Member CEC Job Tools and Job Board
  • Use of the AAPM ®  ˙ Research, Publications and Web Tools
  • Ability to be listed on our employment certification verification web registry and possibly become a committee member.
  • Possibility to earn further AAPM ®   graduate certification or charter in areas of: Quality, Service/Process, HR, Marketing, and Planning.
  • Fellows of the Academy and Advisory Council Members can: Nominate new members for certification, Author & Publish Articles in our Network, Add the Fellow distinction to their resume, open a local chapter, provide executive insights for innovation to the Board.

Major Events this Year:

  1. New Chapters in Russia, EU, China, Arabia, Hong Kong, India, Africa and more.
  2. MOU Memo of Understanding with UAE Governments’ Securities Agency on Credentialing
  3. Alliance with Pearson Education on Global Exams.
  4. Alliance with to provide career information to members
  5. Our Linkedin Groups surpass 10,000 new members
  6. We Accredited courses in over 30 major cities around the world.
  7. Thousands of new members in China and Asia.
  8. Opening of new Institute in Hong Kong.
  9. Approval of Trademarks for AFA Accredited Financial Analyst, AMA Accredited Management Accountant and AMC Accredited Management Consultant
  10. Chapter Academic Alliances with The National Research University of The Russian Federation, The George Washington University PM Masters Program, Association of Engineers in Italy, The University of California PM Diploma Program, The Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Services, Macau Polytechnic University, Institute for Professional Excellence, The International Islamic University, Marketing Institute of Singapore, and the Universidad Internacional de México, and the The University of Hong Kong.
  11. Prof. Member of the ACBSP and CHEA Council of Higher Education International Quality Group (CIQG)
  12. Special Discounts for Members on Car Rental, Hotels, Business Supplies and more.  

* Each Entity is legally distinct from each other.  The IBS is the Board of Standards in charge of certification good standing, standards, and the Global Academy.

                                             Sample Certificates