List of Canadian Employers Looking for Foreign Workers

Canada has seen a high immigration rate in recent times. More than a quarter of Canada’s workforce is made up of immigrants from different parts of the world. As an advantage, the aging population of Canada has opened up more opportunities for immigrants to keep the workforce going. As a result, Canadian employers now seek out immigrants who have the qualification needed to keep their organization functional. This, therefore, means that you can be in your country and get a job in Canada before moving there. This article addresses the requirements to be able to work in Canada and how to obtain them. It also highlights some popular recruitment agencies that help foreign workers gain employment.

Requirements For Working In Canada

To be able to work in any country, you need to be authorized or permitted. Although, those who are citizens of a country do not need to get any permit as their citizenship gives them that benefit. To work in Canada, you need any of the following requirements:

  • Work Permit
  • Work Permit Exemption
  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card

Work Permit

A Work Permit is a document or card that allows you to work in Canada. There are 2 types of work permits:

  • Normal Work Permit
  • Open Work Permit

Normal work permit: this kind of work permit comes with restrictions. It states the kind of job and the name of your employer on it, thereby limiting you to that particular job. In a situation where you want to work for another organization, you need to apply for another work permit and in most cases, you’ll still get the normal work permit. To get this type of work permit you have to have an offer of employment and a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). When you have these two requirements, you can then apply for a work permit.

Open Work Permit: this kind of permit has no restrictions on it. There is no indication of the job type or the employer on the work permit. It doesn’t even require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document or an offer of employment to get it. To be eligible for an Open Work Permit, you have to fall into any of the following categories:

  • Spouses or common-law partners of temporary foreign workers in a Level O, A, or B occupation, according to the National Occupation Classification (NOC).
  • The spouse or common-law partners of foreign students engaged in full-time study.
  • International students who have recently graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Work Permit Exemption

There are certain categories of people or circumstances that can qualify one for work permit exemption. They are:

  • Foreign representatives
  • Family Members of Foreign representatives
  • Athletes and team members
  • Performing artists
  • News reporters, Media crews
  • Public speakers
  • Convention organizers
  • Business visitors
  • Clergy
  • Judges, referees, and similar officials
  • Examiners and evaluators
  • Expert witnesses or investigators
  • Health students
  • Civil aviation inspector
  • Transportation crew
  • Aviation accident or incident inspector
  • Military personnel
  • On-campus employment

Note: there might be other requirements to qualify for in addition to being under this list. So ensure to identify all requirements and check if you meet them.

Canadian Permanent Resident Card

A Canadian Permanent Resident is someone who has been granted permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada. By the virtue of their status, they are given the right to live, work and study anywhere in the country. 

Become a Farmer in Canada

Global Hire Immigration and Placement Services 

About: ” Global Hire is a licensed staffing agency that specializes in local, national, and international recruitment for employers in Canada and was established in 2006″. Services:  

  • Express entry
  • PNP
  • Spousal Applications
  • Visitor, Worker, and Study
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Location: 4935 55 Ave NW #210, Edmonton, AB T6B 3S3, Canada

Contact: +1780-439-3651

Hays Recruitment Agency, Calgary

About: “Hays Calgary is the leading specialist recruitment company for permanent, contract and temporary roles. As experts in recruitment, Hay uses our market knowledge and expertise to match organizations with the right candidates”. Services: provides employment in the following areas:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • IT
  • Construction
  • Office Professionals
  • Property and Facilities Management
  • Resources and Mining

Location: 630 6 Ave SW #510, Calgary, AB T2P 0S4, Canada

Contact: +1403-269-4297

Canadian Staffing Consultants Ltd

About: “Canadian Staffing Consultants Ltd is a premier provider of highly skilled professionals for small and large corporations. From web developers to accountants, CSC is dedicated to introducing employers with a wide variety of skilled, highly-efficient, and qualified career seekers”.  Services:

  • Employment agency
  • Financial consulting
  • Financial planning
  • Flexible staffing
  • Payroll services
  • Staffing services
  • Staffing solutions

Location: 7050 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 306, Markham, ON L3R 4G8, Canada

Contact: +1905-604-5545

Work Global Canada Inc.

About: ” Work Global Canada Inc. is a Newfoundland and Labrador-based firm offering a diverse suite of human resource programs to Canadian employers specializing in both domestic and foreign recruitment and selection services targeted toward skilled workers”. Services:

  • Recruiter
  • Consulting services
  • Immigration services
  • International recruitment

Location: 69 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John’s NL A1A 1W8, Canada.

Contact: +1709-700-1983

Goldbeck Recruiting

About: “Finding candidates for an available position is more than just selecting the best qualification. It requires ‘Finding The Right Fit’ into your specific industry and organizational culture. Goldbeck Recruiting is a contingency recruitment and executive search firm located in Vancouver, BC. Since 1997, we have been helping companies fill challenging positions that require a unique combination of skills, professionalism, and industry background”. Services: 

  • Recruiter
  • Contingency recruitment
  • Data analysis
  • Executive recruitment

Location: 475W Georgia St. #510, Vancouver, BC V6B 4M9, Canada.

Contact: +1604-684-1428

Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants

About: ” Renard International is the leading executive recruitment firm for jobs in the hospitality industry worldwide”. Services:

  • Hospitality industry
  • Recruitment services for the regulated cannabis industry

Location: 121 Richmond Street West, Suite 500 Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Contact: +1416-364-8325

Quebec International

An agency for economic development, the mission of Quebec International, is to contribute to the success of the economy of Quebec City. One of the services that it provides for this is international recruitment. The company holds recruitment missions, brings hundreds of candidates to the attention of participating companies. Also, the negotiates rates with foreign recruitment agencies.

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Hays Recruitment Canada

They are a global group for professional recruitment and operates in 33 countries. Including Canada, including offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. Hays Canada has confirmed to us that even though they do not offer a removal service or visa advice, they do offer career counselling and vacancies as soon as a foreign applicant has received a valid work visa.

Global Hire

An employment agency with offices in Edmonton and Calgary, AlbertaGlobal Hire places international recruits in Canadian healthcare, trucking, welding and skilled labour markets. The agency focuses on sourcing talent from the Philippines and Mexico. As well as recruiters from India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Chile, Dubai and Eastern Europe.

Drake International

Another Canadian recruiter established in the 1950sDrake International, has its headquarters in Toronto, finding top talent across the country and around the world. In addition to permanent and temporary recruitment services, Drake offers management solutions and HR advice with webinars and white papers.

Petro Staff International

Supporting company in Canada, USA and abroadPetro Staff conducts recruitment campaigns for global oil and gas professionals in Toronto and is based in Calgary. The recruitment company will contract negotiations if necessary and help talented employees to come to Canada.

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Cowan International

Recruitment for the resources, engineering and construction industry, Cowan International has been linking jobs and talents for more than six decades. Started as a male-female recruitment shop in Montreal. Cowan is now active locally and internationally in all business sectors. And repatriates talent when the right opportunity arises.

Opportunity Alberta

The provincial government in Alberta helps organizations recruit temporary foreign workers once those organizations have made reasonable efforts to hire them in Canada. Information that is specific to the skill level, the country and the industry in which your company is interested is offered. For example, the factsheet with architecture techniques from Ireland differs from that of architectural technicians from the United Kingdom.

Hire immigrants

A resource for employersHire Immigrants offers expertise and support to companies that want to buy, hire and aboard skilled immigrants. In collaboration with the Magnet program, founded by Ryerson University, employers will have a platform from which they can search directly for qualified, internationally-trained immigrants.

Renard International

From the offices in TorontoRenard International serves the catering industry around the world by finding candidates from its 30,000-member database. The expertise of the applicant includes industry segments such as food and beverage, engineering, sales and marketing and management at the management level. Employers vary from hotels and restaurants to cruise ships, government institutions and catering companies.

Diamond Personnel

This Canadian nanny mediation agency specializes in more than recruitment for childcare. They provide care for the elderly and assisting with national staff positions. Overseas applicants are assisted with obtaining Canadian work visas, flight and voyage coordination and ongoing support after placement. Diamond Personnel has offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

Michael Page

With offices on six continents, Michael Page offers regional expertise on the market together with the resources of an international network. The specialized recruitment agency works with employers and candidates, with an approach that is individualized and consultative. PageGroup was established in the UK in 1976, with its first Canadian office opening in 2005 in Toronto.

Outpost Recruitment

Matching construction and engineering firms in Canada with local and foreign talent is the mission of Outpost Recruitment. The customers of the young company are based in Vancouver. And are found nationwide and include general contractors, technical consultants, developers and subcontractors. Outpost Recruitment involves local and international candidates, specialized in building and construction professionals and professionals, and offers support in immigration and settlement.

Alliance Online

Alliance Online is a recruiter for Canadian and foreign employees and is active in the automotive, agricultural, construction and energy industries. Employers who hire candidates from abroad receive assistance with completing forms such as LMIA (PNB assessment), work permits and assessments of foreign employees.

Island Recruiting

The only full-service HR, recruitment and immigration company of Prince Edward Island, Island Recruiting in Charlottetown, offers both domestic and foreign recruitment services. As a member of the Immigration Consultant Regulatory Council, the agency has connections with more than 50 countries. Attracring talent and covers all aspects of the foreign recruitment process.


Euro Labor Infusion is an employment agency from Alberta that focuses on finding skilled foreign workers for Canadian employers. The dual goal is to help companies in Western Canada with their skills and labor shortages.  At the same time allowing European nationals to emigrate to Canada.

Work Global Canada

Work Global Canada, a recruitment agency in St. John’s, uses its global network of recruiters to engage foreign workers in the industry from engineering to agriculture and healthcare. Services include ensuring compliance with legislation and regulations, drafting contracts, candidate validation, selection and interviews, and travel and guidance services.


International Immigration Employment and Recruiting of Canada, headquartered in Edmonton, is a national and international employment agency. Anyone looking for work in the province of Alberta – or employers in the region looking for talent sourcing services or support with applications from foreign workers and immigration of employees – can contact IIERC for a consultation.

Canada Connect

Canada Connect is based in Winnipeg and is an immigration consultancy that streamlines the process for those who want to work in Canada. Although not a recruitment agency, Canada Connect can provide expert advice and reviews on immigration-related matters. Including explicit access for skilled workers, transitions from temporary to permanent residence, business immigrants. And resident status in Canada within the framework of the Caregiver program.

List of Licensed Recruiters

  • Recruiters of foreign workers must hold a recruiter licence from Labour Standards to provide recruitment services. Note: employers who do their own recruitment work do not need a recruiter licence, however they will need an employer registration certificate from Labour Standards.
  • Employers who want to use a foreign worker recruiter must use a licensed recruiter.
  • Recruiters and employers cannot charge a worker, directly or indirectly, fees for assisting in finding the worker employment. This rule applies to all workers (i.e., both foreign workers and workers who are not foreign workers).
  • Recruiters and employers must keep and maintain records relating to the recruitment of foreign workers for at least three years after the records are made.

Below is a list of licensed recruiters in Nova Scotia. These are the only recruiters who are allowed to recruit foreign workers for employers in Nova Scotia. Please contact Labour Standards if you have questions.

Jacobus (Cobus) Kriek
Matrixvisa Inc.
Tel: 902-334-6165
License Expires on April 19, 2025Please Note: Conditions have been attached to this license. Included among the conditions is a requirement that the recruiter provide clients with a copy of the licence with conditions issued by the Director of Labour Standards.
Quang Tuy Dinh, RCIC
Sky River Immigration Services Corporation
Tel: +1-604-351-9890
License Expires on April 19, 2025Please Note: Conditions have been attached to this license. Included among the conditions is a requirement that the recruiter provide clients with a copy of the licence with conditions issued by the Director of Labour Standards.
Catarina Oey, RCIC
Catarina Oey Consulting
Tel: +1-604-351-9890
License Expires on March 9, 2025
Shimei Ma, RCIC
Getchance Immigration Consulting Inc.
Tel: +1 (782) 641-0318
License Expires on March 21, 2025
Omar Reda Mohamed Tageldin Abdellatif (RCIC)
Health Association Nova Scotia
Licence expires on March 6, 2025Please Note: Conditions have been attached to this license. Included among the conditions is a requirement that the recruiter provide clients with a copy of the licence with conditions issued by the Director of Labour Standards.
Yue Xiao (RCIC)
Joyplus Immigration Consulting Inc.
Tel: +1 902-237-6811
Licence expires on February 28, 2025Please Note: Conditions have been attached to this license. Included among the conditions is a requirement that the recruiter provide clients with a copy of the licence with conditions issued by the Director of Labour Standards.
Nayoun Chun (RCIC)
Tel: +1 902-718-9394
fax : 1-877-834-3350
Licence expires on January 17, 2025
Male (Daisy) Dong, RCIC
All-Lane Immigration Ltd.
Tel: (902)399-8101
Licence expires on January 16, 2025Please Note: Conditions have been attached to this license. Included among the conditions is a requirement that the recruiter provide clients with a copy of the licence with conditions issued by the Director of Labour Standards
Wisdom Akpokighe, RCIC, MBA, PMP
Dow Immigration Consulting Services Ltd.
Tel: +1 (902) 802-0512
Licence expires on September 22, 2024
Wisdom Akpokighe, RCIC, MBA, PMP
Dow Immigration Consulting Services Ltd.
Tel: +1 (902) 802-0512
Licence expires on September 22, 2024
Huan Xu(RCIC)
Tantu Immigration Inc.
Tel: 514-7465777
Licence expires on September 26, 2024
Daniel Billard, ICCRC
Gyre Immigration Ltd.
Tel: (902)405-6544
Licence expires on August 25, 2024
Rajan Chugh
Nova World Immigration Services Incorporated
Tel: 416-902-3235
Licence expires on August 23, 2024
Muhammad Awais RCIC
Canadian Dream Immigration, Study & Visa Services
Tel: +15062924575
Licence expires on July 21, 2024
Subhash(Sam) Punia, IRCC
Tel: 1-877-488-4699
This provisional license expires once a determination is made on Subhash Punia’s renewal application.Conditions attached to this license (FWRL-23) are as follows:Before entering into a recruitment contract with any employer, this recruiter must provide the Labour Standards Division with:the name of the client,the name of the client representative,a list of the proposed recruitment services and associated fees that are to be performed and the names of each individual who will perform those services,a list of all other activities that will be performed in association with the recruitment contract and the names of the employees or subcontractors who will perform those services;If the client is an employer; the number of employees sought and the nature of the employment positions to be filled,Before entering into a recruitment contract with any client, this recruiter must provide the client with a copy of their licence and conditions, and the Labour Standards Division with a statutory declaration indicating that a copy of their licence and licence conditions have been provided to the client;All recruitment contracts with employers must be in writing; andThe corporation under which this recruiter provides recruitment services, Atlantic Jobs Limited, must be registered to do business in Nova Scotia, pursuant to the Corporations Registration Act, and this recruiter must, at all times during the currency of this license, maintain the registration of the corporation in good standing.
Homa Saxena, RCIC,CHRP
Career Canada Immigration Services Inc.
775 Pacific Road, Unit 31,
Oakville, Ontario L6L 6M4
Tel: 416-901-0816
Licence expires on July 18, 2024
Daria Coneghan (RCIC)
Reach International Recruitment & Immigration Inc. Tel: (306) 533-1123
Licence expires on July 18, 2024
Carman Gosselin, RCIC
OnSpec Solutions Inc.
GetToCanada Immigration Solutions Inc
Tel: +1-306-546-8340
Licence expires on June 17, 2024
Warren Green, ICCRC
Tel: (403) 652 9604
Licence expires on June 9, 2024
Cartier Rose, RCIC, CHRP
The Big Picture Strategic Migration Inc.
Tel: (647) 785 5648
Licence Expires on January 21, 2024
Peter Ratnam RCIC
RR Canadian Immigration Consultancy Services
Tel: (604)832 4145
Licence Expires on August 11, 2023
Kotaro Yaguchi (RCIC)
Canadian Standard Immigration Group Inc.
Tel (604)200-5148
Fax (604)608-5577
cansigroup@gmail.comK. Yaguchi Immigration Consulting Tel (778)751-8397
Licence Expires on August 9, 2023
Andrew VanSlyke, RCIC
Licence Expires on August 9, 2023
Michael Lieffers, ICCRC
International Movement of People Consulting Inc. carrying on business as IMP Canada
Tel: (306) 651-5335
Licence Expires on January 24, 2024
Carrie Zhao (RCIC)
Mbridge Resources Inc.
Tel: (416) 588-5888
Licence Expires on March 3, 2023
Nicole E. Druckman
Nicole E. Druckman P.C. Inc.
Tel: (506) 857-3594
Fax: (506) 857-0306
Licence Expires on March 3, 2023
Soalwin J. Kallingal (RCIC)
Lionsher Canada Immigration Inc.
Tel: +1(604)992-7363
Licence Expires on January 15, 2023
Svetlana Demb, RCIC
Tel: Phone number: 647-993-8862
Licence Expires on January 14, 2023
Khurram Ashraf (Amir) – (R407127)
The Immigration Depot Inc.
Tel: 1 306 987 0036
Licence Expires on January 14, 2023
Nivin Nabeel (RCIC – R515676)
Five Stars Immigration Consultants
Tel: +902-830-9001
Licence Expires on January 01, 2023
Ram Babbar (RCIC)
P&R Immigration and Recruitment Inc. (NS)
Tel: +1 647 272 6994
Licence Expires on December 19, 2022
Yi Liu (RCIC)
Lead Immigration Ltd.
Licence Expires on December 2, 2022
Jinsuk Jeong (ICCRC)
Atlantic Summit Immigration Consulting Inc.
Tel: 902-420-9229
Licence Expires on October 21, 2022
Marilyn Clark (ICCRC)
Port to Port Immigration Services Inc.
(506) 380-8407
Licence expires on August 13, 2022
Victor Gamboa (RCIC)
Atlantic VRG Immigration Consultancy and International Employment Agency, and
Voyage Immigration Canada
(506) 333-9682
Licence Expires on July 2, 2022
Manuela Gruber Hersch (RCIC)
Tel: 1.800.820.8308
Licence Expires on April 12, 2025Please Note: Conditions have been attached to this license. Included among the conditions is a requirement that the recruiter provide clients with a copy of the licence with conditions issued by the Director of Labour Standards.
Harry Handa (RCIC)
World Beyond Boundaries Inc.
Phone: +1 416-577-5555
Licence Expires on January 23, 2025
Dennis T. Mercado (RCIC)
Peregrine Immigration Representatives
Phone: (902) 801-9071
Licence Expires on October 14, 2024
Xu Bai (RCIC)
Golden Harvest Developments Ltd.
Phone: (506) 471-3465
Licence expires on July 11, 2024
Igor Yushchenko, Barrister and Solicitor
(902) 454-1200
Licence expires on May 31, 2024
Paul Villeneuve, ICCRC
NewTown Immigration Inc.
(902) 292-4992
Licence expires on August 11, 2022
Elizabeth Wozniak, Barrister and Solicitor
North Star Immigration Law Inc.
(902) 446-4747
Licence expires on September 18, 2022
Rosalie Sulit, ICCRC
Pro-Care Immigration Consulting Inc.
(905) 565-1908
Licence expires on June 22, 2023
Ethan Kim, Barrister and Solicitor
Kim & Lake Law
Suite 300, 5991 Spring Garden Road,
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1Y6
Phone : (902) 407-4677
Fax : (902) 407-2699
Licence expires on 21 March, 2022
Galo Castillo
Workvantage International Workforce Solutions Inc.
(416) 800-0843
Licence expires on 21 March, 2024
Pranav Kumar Shah (RCIC,ICCRC)
Parry Immigration Solutions Inc.
(647) 995-8040
License expires on March 24, 2024
Sourabh Kohli (ICCRC)
Study Work & Immigrate Consultants Inc.
(905) 792 7449
Licence expires on July 11, 2024
James S. Kang
H & G Immigration Consulting Ltd.
Licence expires on February 23, 2025
Please Note: Conditions have been attached to this license. Included among the conditions is a requirement that the recruiter provide clients with a copy of the licence with conditions issued by the Director of Labour Standards.
Ian James Wood (RCIC)
IJW Immigration Solutions Inc.
Licence expires on February 1, 2025
Hemlata Punj (RCIC)
Emigrance Consulting & Immigration Inc.
Licence expires on April 2, 2023
Rodney Megill
RCIC R415487
Licence expires on May 2, 2024
Stevo Petkovic (ICCRC)
Tel: (780) 907-5551
Licence expires on January 3, 2024
(Jenny) Longzhen Lin (RCIC)
Springwind Immigration Consulting Services Inc.
Tel: (647) 869-6678/ (647)-748-0188
Licence expires on January 28, 2024
Joy Stephen
The Student Herald
405 – 145 Hobson’s Lake Drive
Halifax, NS, B3S 0H9
Tel: (902) 401-9469
Licence expires on January 28, 2024
Ghislain Noël (Lawyer – Avocat)
Noël & Associates – Immigration Division
Tel: (506) 854-8511
Fax: (506) 854-8510
Licence expires on June 10, 2024
Rej Pagal (RCIC)
PGL Recruitment Services
Tel: (780) 893-0608
Licence expires on June 10, 2024
McFarlane (Marc) Njoh
Cradle Partners Consulting
Tel: (902) 293-6215
Tel: (902) 371-6946
License expires October 14, 2024
Manu Datta
Atlantic Labour Resource Management Inc.
Licence Expires on November 25, 2024
Rajwinder Singh
Tel: 778 628 5013
License expires February 15, 2025
Amelia Ajoc, RCIC
Kap Unity Canada
Tel: (902) 797 0486
License expires on February 27, 2025Please Note: Conditions have been attached to this license. Included among the conditions is a requirement that the recruiter provide clients with a copy of the licence with conditions issued by the Director of Labour Standards.
Eva Osorio Nieto, RCIC
Global Proficio Inc.
Tel: (902) 717-6664
License Expires on April 26, 2025

Updated: May 6, 2022

Labour Standards has the authority to suspend or cancel a recruiter licence so please consult this page regularly.

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When you get a job through a recruitment agency, there is a fee you pay. It could be 15% of your salary, less or more of that. The percentage is affected by the nature of the job and how difficult it was to get you the job. The higher the stake, the higher the percentage.

A company that has employed foreign workers has a high chance of employing again. In addition to recruiting agencies, you can ask people in your circle if they know any employer who employs foreign workers. You can check for job listings from the Government of Canada through the embassy.