Other Fees & Charges

Course Extension 

In case the student is unable to complete his/her course module in stipulated time (1 month for MBA in General Management, 2 months for other Masters level programs), then to progress with the student can be given an extension of 30 days. Students will be charged an extension fee GHS 100) for processing the same.

Course Transfer 

In case the student wishes to switch the course in between, then s/he can place the request with the academic department. If the academic department approves the request, then the student shall be able to transfer the course. For processing course transfers, students will be charged a GHS 300-course transfer fee. 

Credit Transfer (for  Students)

Students can get credits transferred for modules already undertaken by student, and a Fee of GHS 100 per module will apply.

Early Exit Awards-

Under any unforeseen circumstances, if a student wants to withdraw from the program, s/he may apply for an Early Exit Award. Based on the credits earned and modules completed, s/he might receive a credit statement or a diploma or an extended diploma by paying the certification fee.

For the early exit award, the student will have to pay, in addition to the certification charge, a fee against the processing of the early award request (GHS 100). 


Based on APL (Accreditation to Prior Learning) Policy, credit exemptions can be granted. 

Under APEL (Accreditation to Prior Experiential Learning) Policy, if you have extensive experience and knowledge in a particular domain, then you can get exempted from certain modules (based on work experience), at a Module Exemption fee equivalent to 50% of the module fee per module exempted.  For more details, connect to Admission Team at; info@psagh.com

Similarly, one can receive credit exemptions against prior Certified Learning from any institution, based on APCL (Accreditation to Prior Certified Learning) Policy. 50% of the module exemption fee will be charged per course module exempted. 

Other Fee application during the course

  • Retake Fee for assignment: GHS 150.00
  • Extension of Assignment Deadline (30 Days): GHS 100.00
  • Extension of Module access (30 Days) : GHS 100.00
  •  Attestation: GHS 300.00                      

                                               DBA Fees

Early Exit – Mphil Certifications

  • Exit request prior registering to for the second year: GHS 3000.00
  • Exit after registering for the second year: 2nd year full fee (GHS 3500) + GHS 1500
  • MPhil Certification as Dual Certification (w/o exiting): GHS1500.00 (Student must complete 2nd-year fee payment to claim the MPhil as dual certification)

Extension Charges

  • Extending Research Period beyond 2 years : GHS 1000.00 per year (Max 4 Yrs)
  • Module Assessment Submission Extension charge: GHS 100.00 (Max 15 days from original date)
  • Module Retake Charges (Year-1) : GHS 500.00 (In case student was not able to take the module in the first place and requests to repeat the module)
  • Change of Research Schedule and completion: GHS 500.00 (If within 2 years period, for thesis/research)
  • Module Deferral Fee : GHS 250.00 (Module Deferral will apply for upcoming modules, in case a student is not ready to start with the module as per the schedule. Module Deferral will entails admin fee)

Batch Change 

  • A student can request change of Batch. This will entail a batch change fee of GHS 100

Extension Charges

  • Temporary withdrawal from the program: GHS 500.00 (Current year fee to be settled incomplete)
  • Resumption Charges: GHS 500.00 + Research Year fee applicable at the time of resumption
  • (Max within 2 years of withdrawal)
  • Courier Fee: GHS 50.00