You may apply now for the following Accredited Skills Certification Documents: If you are approved, you receive the our partner Accredited Program Skills Certification License Document, Use of the Skills Certification Acronym and post nominal credential, and a member/fellow document from the Academy.

  1. Certification in E-Commerce
  2. CIM Board Certification in Marketing 
  3. CIE Certification in Economics
  4. CIB Certification in Banking
  5. CIA Certified in Accounting
  6. CIM Certification in Management
  7. CCF Certification in Corporate Finance
  8.  CIB Certification in Business
  9. CDS Certification in Data Science
  10. CIA Certified in Artificial Intelligence
  11. CFT  Certified in FinTech
  12. CIL Certification in International Law
  13. CPM Certification in Project Management
  14. CHR Certification in Human Resources
  15. C-RM Certification in Risk Management
  16. CPM Certification in Planning
  17. CBM Certification in Small Business Administration
  18. CTM Certification in Tourism and Travel Services Management
  19. CFM Certification in Financial Management
  20. CHA Certification in Hospitality Administration
  21. CES Certification in Entrepreneurship Studies
  22. CMS Certified in Management Science
  23. CCM Certified in Construction Management
  24. CIC Certified in International Business/Trade/Commerce
  25. COM Certification in Operations Management 
  26. CLM Certification in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management
  27. CIT Certified in Taxation
  28. CAS Certified in Audit Studies
  29. CIS Certification for Investments and Securities Studies
  30. CPM Certification in Purchasing, Procurement/Acquisitions and Contracts Management
  31. CCM Certified in Contract Management
  32. COL Certification in Organizational Leadership
  1. Please email your resume or CV directly to us:  info@psagh.com
  2. Please tell us which Skills Certifications you Require.
  3. We will provide a credential evaluation and respond to you if you eligible for the any of the above certification documents.